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Monday, June 14

The J fam!

Meet the cute J family.
They drove all the way down from Salt Lake to have me take their photos, ok well AND to party in St. G cause it's the greatest!

This was a lot of fun! 4 is the perfect size of family, i have decided.

I recently bought a new set of actions, and i LOVE them! 
(if you don't know what actions are , don't feel bad. I didn't know for a LONG time, and now my life is 10 times easier! and fun!)
I got to try my new set of actions out on this family. yay!
I love the vintage-y ones.



Harmony said...

So pretty much you amaze me!!!!!!! I couldn't love them more! I can't wait to hang them up!!!! Thank you soooo much---

Juanita said...

Aww - so cute! Great job!

The Terry's said...

i love its way cute!