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Wednesday, February 11


 HELLO! I know I'm a stranger over here now, which is sad and i need to do something about that...but I'm here reeealllly quick because These babies have gone viral (maybe a bit of an exaggeration ;) )
 I get people emailing and messaging me every year for these guys... SOOOOoooo I've finally decided to just do something about it. Here they are!!!
take 'em, use 'em, and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

{ click on image, right click and save} i made these to be 4x5 size cards.

Wednesday, December 4

I haven't updated this for over a year!

 I haven't blogged forever, mainly because I've been too lazy, and partly because I went through a divorce and didn't really have the drive. BUT I have been doing photoshoots, here are some favorites of what I've been up to....
I promise to update more! :)

Thursday, August 2

J Maternity

I know it's been FOREVER since I blogged! ahh sorry! Here's a sweet maternity session I did awhile ago. I love it! Now Mama has had the baby & I'm working on editing her beautiful baby's newborn pictures. :)