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Wednesday, June 16

A little Action.

I started editing this WAAAAY CUTE lil guy's photos we did last night, and found it quite interesting what a little photoshop can do! Pushing a few buttons can transform a picture. (thats what Actions do.) And I'm so in love!

I love this baby, I love this picture and I love Actions!!!!!

this is straight out of camera:

and i loved this in b/w too!

don't you just wanna eat this little ornery baby?
he's the cutest little chunk ever!!


Anonymous said...

I like the black and white one best

Staci said...

he is such a dollll! I love this whole set up! I think the first one looks good with out edit you do such a good job but def. the second one is my fav. colors just pop!

The Terry's said...

i love it leash! they have jones soda at harmons too!

Harmony said...

So cute!! Love that baby-