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Yes, I do print!!

I HIGHLY recommend you print through me before going through wal-mart, costco, wal-greens, snapfish, shutterfly, etc. (ESPECIALLY if you want large prints!)

I print through a Professional Printing Service. You are getting the best quality for a great, low price.
(These prints are created with printers that expose light sensitive paper that is then run through a chemical process. These are real photographs, not inkjet prints.)

Print Prices:

8 wallets: $5
3.5x5: $1
5x5: $1.25
4x6: $1
5x7: $4
8x8: $6

 -all my 8x10s and larger will be sprayed with a protective lustre coating, and mounted on a thin board.

8x10: $12
10x10: $15
10x13: $18
11x14: $23
12x12: $25
12x18: $35
16x20: $50
20x20: $65
20x24: $80
20x30: $100
24x30: $110
24x36: $120
30x30: $140
30x40: $160

*printed on Lustre paper with a Lustre coating. (Lustre coating provides protection from fingerprints and slight scratches as well as provides a slightly matte appearance to lustre prints.
*Other paper options are available (add a little more to cost)
  • Machine Textures- three textures are offered on prints up to 24x30 in size. These are embossed textures that can add dramatically to your images.
  • Linen- the most popular, this fine linen texture is perfect for both smaller and larger prints. (my personal favorite! looks great on announcements & invitations!)
  • Pebble- A medium to heavy pebble texture, this surface works very well for larger prints sizes.
  • Embassy- This surface is a combination of the linen and pebble textures resulting in a unique and upscale appearance to your prints
  • Metallic Paper-There’s a pop and vibrancy that the metallic paper is able to represent. It’s silky and watery. Like any other glossy paper you get sharper images as the lines don’t get visually distorted by the texture of the paper
  • Glossy Paper

*these are just the most popular sizes. I offer many more sizes in between. Contact me for more info.
*minimum $40 order.
* Prints will be shipped to my house first, then I will ship them to you.Allow up to 2 weeks for your prints to arrive.

I also offer:
-canvas gallery wraps (these are gorgeous, contact me for more info.)
-float wraps (also gorgeous , contact me!)

Custom made greeting cards, invitations, & announcements!
these can be:
-double or single sided & printed on textured paper for some extra awesomeness.
You will LOVE these! (DO NOT i repeat DO NOT print your invites with wal-mart, costco, etc!)
-minimum order: 25
envelopes included.

Contact me & we will get your prints ordered!