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Thursday, June 10

Cabin Wedding.

I was SO lucky to be asked to do this wedding!
It was up Cedar City canyon & it was freaking awesome!!
Jen & Jason are pretty much the funnest people to be around, so this whole wedding was just a blast!
Congrats J & J!

Here are some of my favorites:
(I'm beginning to really like details. Like, the stuff that no one really thinks to take a picture of, but when you walk away, you wish you would have. I'm trying to make that a goal at each wedding. There is SO much work that goes into weddings. EVERYTHING needs to be remembered just the way it is)


Juanita said...

Ooo, looks like a fun party!! Love all the details! Great job!!

Harmony said...

It looks like it was a blast! Good Job Alecia!!

The Terry's said...

what a pretty wedding!