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Friday, February 5

Sweet Baby LuLu

This is sweet baby Lulu. She was such a good baby!

I loved all the cute hats and props her Mom brought. It's so fun to try new things.

Her mom is a big fan of textured photos, so I had fun experimenting with them!

Here are some more from her shoot..



Here is her big brother. He was there with us on the shoot, and he was such a good kid. I could NOT believe it. Kids that age are usually terrors, but not him! This sucker seriously kept him busy for like 2 hours!
He was so good UNTIL I tried to get pictures of him with baby sister. He was not a fan of that at all.


Stephanie Kelly said...

ohhhhhh these are great, wonderful, fantastic!! PERFECT!! I love the one with Smiles (not smiling) crying...I love my babies!

Aymee said...

I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! Fabulous, fabulous! And I am still jealous that I'm not there for you to do Piper:)...and more of Adalei! Love the edited touches, so cute and vintagey. They're ALL my favorite

Aymee said...

Oh my goshh...i love them! This is staci btw I'm in VA with aymee! I cant wait to get back and see more of these. I'm seriously in love and the ones of miles and lucy turned out so sweet. Thank you thank you thank you for doing this they are wonderful!

The Terry's said...

alecia i love, love, love them when i have my next child your doing all of my pics.