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Thursday, February 4

K&J's AMAZING reception!

Oh my goodness! I am FINALLY done editing K&J's reception. It was such a beautiful reception, I absolutely LOVED it! Everything turned out so great- the decorations were to die for, the food was a-maz-ing, and entertainment was teriffic! I am so glad I was the one who got to photograph this cool event!

Here are TONS of photos from that night!  I'm new at making these little collages. I thought they were pretty fun though!


i loved all the little details! so fun!

I am in love with these trees they made!!

they even had a live band playing for them!


cute Grandma & Grandpa dancing!

These cute girls were so full of it the whole time. They really know how to party!

they were surprised with a limo waiting for them outside! guess who got to get in the limo first?! yeah, that would be me! I've never been in a limo- it was SO COOL!


Unknown said...

SUPERBE.I ADORE THE COLLAGES. THose guys are so lucky you took their pictures.XOXO

Aymee said...

Great job! Looks like you had a blast as well:)

Anonymous said...

I love them!!!! You did such a beautiful job! I have been seeing those trees... aren't they called like the wisdom tree or something like that? I don't know...

So what kind of flash do you have? It looks great and so nice for dark places. I love all the details too. Those are always my favorite at a wedding.

Good job on the collages! I found a free one on MCP Actions Blog. It is nice... drag your pics in and your done!