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Wednesday, December 16

{E} Family

This is the cute E Family. Their little man was quite the mover! He had tons of energy and didn't want to hold still for too long! But at least he was happy! That is a really hard age, and I totally understand it because I have one of my own. But I feel like we still got some cute shots.
Here are a few of my faves...

Enjoy, E Family! :)


Alisa and Sky said...

Thanks Alecia! You did such a good job! We got some cute ones! Especially for how much nate was moving!! I cant wait to see the rest! They are looking so good!

Errin said...

wow, your art is great! The baby Kai post made me tear up! Awesome pics... So it might depend on your camera as to why you cant get all your subjects in focus while at a 1.8 , and how many focal points your camera has etc.. what kind of camera do you use? its defintly a tricky trick trying to get all the family in focus while setting your arepture at a 1.8 but its do able, you just have to work with your focal points and your depth of field.. and again, probably the kind of camera your using. I hope that helped! :)