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Tuesday, December 15

I can't believe my eyes!

So, out of boredom and curiosity (yes, that IS how you spell that word, I spellchecked!), I took a quick scroll down my photography page. I continuously kept clicking "older posts", until there were no more older posts. I got to the very end of my photos, which is really the very first of my photos. At first I felt embarassed and sad for my pathetic-ness. When I started out, I was awful, and it's sad to me because I thought I was somewhat good. But once I got over that, I felt happy, proud, accomplished. I feel like I've come so far, and that feels so good!

This is a photo taken on the very DAY I got my Canon Rebel XS (still what i use)
I took pictures of my cute cousins for my Aunt.


Um. Where do I even start? Everything about this photo except the cute girl and the funny face is driving me nuts.

-the light isn't the worst, but it's not good.
-i was shooting in auto mode. auto mode=bad news. by shooting in auto, I couldn't control shutter speed, ISO, aperture, exposure.
-my shutter speed looks a little slow..
-where were my focus points? definitely not on her eyes like they should have been.
-did I edit? at all?

Eeew. eew. eew. I wish I could go back and change it. I would know what to do now!

And this is TODAY . (Ok well last week.)

Again, where to start?
-the first and most important thing: I now ONLY shoot in manual mode. bye-bye auto, forever. shooting in manual lets me control the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, & exposure.
-I am using a different lens. This lens is my favorite. 50mm 1.8 lens. Great for individuals.
-I understand light (for the most part)
-I know how to edit now. I edit a lot. EVERY picture.
-I have more confidence, and am somewhat comfortable behind the camera.
-I understand composition a lot better.
-I have a dang cute kid at home with me all day to catch in adorable moments.
I don't mean to have a brag session. I just want to say a few things.
Thanks to everyone who let me take your picture (even when I sucked.)
Thanks to those who have given me confidence & encouragement by believing in me & giving compliments.
Thanks to these people:
They have all helped me TONS. I have recieved personal advice from Crickett and Jessica Kettle. The Pioneer Woman is responsible for teaching me manual mode. (Seriously, read her site if you haven't already!)
If you are starting out in photography, or just want to take better photos, hopefully this will give you hope! You saw where I started! Just don't give up!
Ok. This wasn't meant to sound like an inspirational speech. It suddenly got real cheesy.
This next year I will start posting photo tips. All kinds of them. People have been asking, "How do you take good photos?" That is so very nice to hear, and I will try to help answer questions & hopefully make things understandable. I am all self-taught, so what makes sense in my brain, might be hard to get out in words so that others can understand. I will try though!
I am by no means a pro at this. I am not a teacher either. I make my own rules, and learn new things almost every day. Just so ya know.
Thanks for reading! :)


Anonymous said...

You're welcome for all the help! I am glad that you have gotten so much better, we can all see it. I hope everything keeps getting better for ya. Practice makes perfect.

Alisa and Sky said...

You have gotten good! I love all the pics on your blog! Any sneak peaks from our photo session? I am dying to see some!!

Greg and Mel said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I just got my new camera (canon xsi) but I'm freaking out cause I can't figure it out. I've been reading the pioneer woman articles and I'm still lost! I just want to do this as a hobby and not a profession so I've got all the time in the world to learn! THANK YOU for posting this cause I needed to read it! You are awesome and your pictures are SOOOOOOOOOO good! I really wish I had your eye, you are great! keep it up!