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Friday, April 24

Watch out, St. George!

Have you ever had so much fun you felt like you might explode??
Yeah, well that pretty much explains this photo session.
This is Latressa.
She is awesome. You've gotta listen to her sing. She sounds like a Dixie Chick, except better. Watch out, Southern Utah, here she comes!
This was SOOOO fun!


Greg and Mel said...

very cute pictures!! I think I know her! I worked with her at boulevard home furnishings like 6 years ago!!

LaTressa said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! talk about taking my breath away!!!! You are so sweet and I had so much fun yesterday, and despite the horrid wind, there are some REALLY amazing shots here!!! I def have some faves, but there are too many to name... YOU are amazing, and I am MORE than pleased with the results, I couldn't be happier!!!! I will proudly share these with anyone who'll look, and I'll be using them on all my websites and future album covers FOR SURE!!! I'm so glad I grabbed you while I can still afford you... I can see your prices going up and up and no one will bat an eye!
Thanks for all your hard work and for getting into your interesting positions... it was DEF worth it!!!! LOL!!
They are beautiful and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE them!!!!

The Dansies said...

Wow, great job, they turned out amazing. I think the wind totally adds to it too...though I'm sure it was annoying!

Staci said...

your amazing..i can't say it enough! pure talent. I love love the sun glare photos of course. Good job these are great!