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Sunday, April 19

Boys will be Boys...

It was time for an "official" Jaxon shoot. Cause, the poor kid, never gets any pictures taken! haha, yeah right! No, but he never gets "official" ones. But, the only time I could do it was in the dead middle of the day, when the sun is at it's wretched brightness. Sun that bright is only good with vast amounts of water and small pieces of clothing. But , we did what we could. It didn't go SO bad I guess. I would prefer 6:00 sun. Or even 7:00 sun. You'll have to bear with this 3:00 sun.
I'm trying this new thing. this new STYLE. It's called no posing. It's called let the kid run around free and try my hardest to capture all the cute little natural things he does. Cause, to me, that is what I want to remember. Jaxon. Doing his thing. At this age. At this time. Not so much me, being frusturated with trying to pose a stinky, wild 18 month old man. No forced smiles. Nothing fake. Just Jaxon.
Here tis.
The kid is a boy through and through. I'm not complainin.


Anonymous said...

So cute! Sometimes that is the only way to shoot kids... That's about all I get from Em anymore. I think it makes for the cutest pictures though cuz they are real. I love the one in the chair nad him looking off to the side. The yellow flowers add a nice touch!

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize that so many people photoshoped eyes! I thought something was wrong with my camera or my lighting, which has A TON to do with it. I don't always do eyes cuz sometimes I do it right in the camera! But, it is fun to bump them up a bit :) All you use is a brush. You have to create a new layer (in the layer palette), invert the image, and then selcet your brush size you want. It is so simple! If you want to make it faster, you can download all those free actions from The Pioneer Woman. She has one on there called BRING ON THE EYES. It sure makes it a lot faster... and the results are amzing! Actions are just a way of making things a lot easier and faster, but I always try to make sure I know how to do it without it first. Let me know if you need help!

Anonymous said...

Sorry friend! I forgot you don't have photoshop! In camera mode you can make sure you're getting a light source from behind you, or in front of your subject. It can be the sun or a window reflecting light or you can buy a small reflector for about 20 or 30 bucks. (a circular looking thing that has a gold side, a silver side, and a white side) the only hard thing with that is you need someone to hold it for you and try to get the suns reflection. The results are great though! Or in your editing program see if there is something called a " burn tool" and you can try burning in the iris of the eye. Make sense? I hope you figure something out or get photoshop soon! It's amaZing what you are doing without it though!