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Sunday, April 26

Little Miss {A}

what a fun photoshoot this was!
I've never really had a kid do their own cute poses and ask me to take a picture!
it's usually me trying to get them to hold still and smile.
But not with this one. She's so cute and so fun!

catching ladybugs

this is what a 5 year old in a deep conversation looks like

these next few are my faves! I love this girl!


Cierra::The Yellow House said...

Oh Man! Love the last two posts girl! You are getting better and better :) Where did you shoot this one??? I love love it!!
I do shoot in manual & I've been trying to focus more on where I put my focus...
that & pay more attention to my exposure. You should get the book Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson. It's pretty cheap on Amazon & it has taught me so much already. It's not in jargon that you don't understand either. I love it so far.

There is also a community class that is being taught at Dixie in May & one in June for only $40 that I think I'm going to take. It's about how to do portraits & weddings. You should check it out as well :)

I really need help in the location department. I just have not had time to go find cool places. Would you mind sharing? Also I'm going to be doing Bridals next week & I need a good "nature" setting that has some variety to it. I was thinking about maybe a open field? I just don't know if that will give me enough options...

I love to know your thoughts?

LaTressa said...

My fave is the one with her in the tree. They are all VERY cute!!!! Great job!! :D

Unknown said...

wow! can you come photograph my fam! i love you chairs, your locations, your colors, amazing. great style.
are you using actions?