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Monday, May 17


I think that I need to emphasize more on this. It is VERY, VERY important.

Ok, so I just made some senior announcements (lots and lots of them). Sometimes I do a test print through walmart to see how it will look, before ordering hundreds through my pro printing company.

Well, that taught me one thing: WAL-MART SUCKS!

I then ordered from my pro printing company (White house custom color), and the difference between the two surprised me tons! Wal-mart prints flat, dull & dark. And this was even through one hour photo- which I have found to be better than send out. send out is shiny & horrible. it's just flat out cheap looking.

Guys, please please please please DO NOT order from these places. If you are gonna PAY for these photos, have me spend lots of time editing them to look perfect, wouldn't you want your prints to LOOK GOOD? Not only does it make my hard work look bad and cheap, but I feel like you're cheating yourself. You could be getting something much much better looking. well, how its SUPPOSED TO look!

I don't know what scares everyone away from ordering through me. Because it most certainly should not be the price.

Here's a little comparison with pricing:

through me: $8
through wal-mart: $5
mine = way, way better.
3 bucks?!? c'mon!

I am going to do printing differently now though. If you want to print through me, you send me the numbers of which photos you want (they'll be numbered on your CD or in your gallery), tell me what sizes you want, I'll give you a total, you'll send me a check, I'll order them & send them to you.
It'll be way way way way way worth it!


It's SOO totally frustrating to walk into a wedding, and see MY PHOTOS printed through one of these companies. I can totally tell & to me they look like poop! Sorry, but true!

If you reeeeally don't care, then disregard this. But I'm guessing most of you care what your photos look like. You're paying a good price for them.

The company I print through is amazing. AMAZING. they are so dang professional & I'm always so happy with my prints. They are easy to order with, and shipping is free (so I won't give you any shipping fees , unless I have to ship them to your house from mine & even then it's not much), AND they are FAST! I get my photos in a few days! It's wonderful and SO worth it.

When I give out CDs, I just hope hope hope that all your doing with them is blogging them. and if you do choose to print somewhere else, I hope that you are choosing somewhere great that can do a good job. (I know there is a place on main st. by 25main in St. George that does pro printing.)

See--I really just wanna help you! Not cheat you!

PLEASE contact me for more info about GOOD, QUALITY prints.

love you guys!
-Your photographer


Staci said...

so i was just curious how much per one print? I only blog and post my pics online...the time i did print a couple i do through snapfish...what is your price compared to snapfish? I am with you though 100% get good quality prints for good quality photos.

anna said...

that's good of you to tell people this.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree... I don't know how to say this nicely to customers. I HATE it when they print my nicely edited photos at Walmart. HATE it. I know that people get turned off when printing through the photographer because they think it is too expensive and they might get ripped off. But really what is better than finishing off a great shoot with quality prints!? That is what everyone sees (not online)! I want to figure out a way for more people to print through me, but even offering deals doesn't seem to do much to motivate them. Hmm... let me know if you figure anything out!

The Terry's said...

I think that is where my mother in law got her big photo done at is that place on main street! but i have been waiting until we get into our place to start ordering. but im excited!