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Session Fee

The non-refundable session fee covers artist’s time/talent and custom editing of images. It provides you with a 1-2 hr. on-location photo session.
*time depends on session.
-session fee is always due at time of session
-I shoot for as long as it takes, as every session is different.

-I DO offer printing. I print with a professional printing company & it is HIGHLY recommended that you do so through me! Anything you want to display in your home SHOULD be printed through me. Prices are great and quality is even greater. Your prints will NOT look the way the are supposed to if you print through other companies such as Wal-mart, Costco, Walgreens, etc- so consider yourselves warned! (click 'printing' on home page for more info)

-Expect up to 3-4 weeks for editing 

-I DO travel. Contact me for travel fees.

this includes:
-1-2 hour session
- 30-40 of Your BEST images, edited
- a digital download link

(does not apply to Bridals, Seniors or Newborns)
- 30 min session
- 15 best images, edited
- a digital download link

a little bit about each session:

up to 5 people. usually 1-2 hours, 1-2 locations. yes, this does include every combo you can think of. examples: just mom & dad, just the kids, just the boys, just the girls, mom and sons, mom and daughters, dad and sons, dad and daughters, individual shots of each person. wear something bright and fun that expresses who YOU really are!
30-40 best images, edited.

1 child. usually 1 hour, 1 location. best times of life to photograph: newborn (first 14 days of life), 6 months, one year, then every year after that.) Bring a couple different outfit changes if you wish. Have your child wear bright, fun colors that bring out their personalities. If your child has a favorite toy that they can't live without, bring it! I want to capture who they are at this age! Also- Bringing toys, snacks & someone who can always make them smile is VERY helpful!
30 best images, edited.

1 hour, 1 location. These sessions are done during 8-9 months of pregnancy. The bigger the belly, the better! Wear something form fitting- I wanna see that belly pop! Bring 2 outfits if you wish. E-mail me for tips if you need help choosing what to wear.
30 best images, edited.

usually 2 hours. this is an INDOOR studio session that can be done at your house or mine. I need an open space in front of a large window. Baby will be shot naked, but if you have some favorite outfits or blessing clothes, bring 'em! Book your session BEFORE your baby is born. Newborns photograph best in the first 14 days of life. Be ready to be peed & pooped on, also bring food & diapers for baby. We work around BABY'S schedule, so be prepared to be patient! I have lots of props I'll bring. If you have special props of your own, such as: hats, shoes, luggage, blankets, books, ANYTHING- get creative!, I would LOVE to experiment!
 additional children: $25
 30-40 best images, edited.

1 hour, 1 location. Bring Scriptures, suit jacket. Bring anything that is special to the missionary or signifies where he/she is serving. Again, if you have any creative, different ideas, I would love to try them!
25-30 best images, edited.

usually 2-3 hours with out-fit changes and different locations. these can be as fun and unique or as traditional as you want them to be. Wear colors and patterns that compliment eachother. I've seen couples bring a dressy outfit, and a casual outfit. you can bring fun props such as motorcyles, luggage, ANYTHING you desire.
35-40 best images, edited.

usually 2 or more hours, different locations. Again, these images can be as fun and unique or as traditional as you want them to be. We can do them with or without the groom. Brides: Bring a white sheet to put under your dress, and a friend/mother who can help out. Bring a bouquet (if you can), and anything else that we can use to show your style! Bring whatever props you want to. Lets have fun with these!
35-40 best images, edited.

I am no longer offering Weddings at this time!

usually 2-3 hours, different locations. Bring lots of outfit changes that show ALL your personalities and interests. example: cowboy/girl stuff, cheerleader, pets, instruments, bikes, vehicles, snowboard, letterman jackets, class ring, sports stuff, prom dresses, any hobbies! We want to capture who YOU are as a high school senior! Don't be shy, lets have fun!
35-40 edited images

I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding pricing. E-mail me at aleciasphotography@hotmail.com