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Wednesday, May 19

i just can't help myself.

i do realize that posting this many photos is verging on RIDICULOUS.
and if you wanna be a hater, go ahead and leave right now.
i'm giving you a fair warning that there are TONS of photos. TONS.
but hey, this is a photo blog right?
and i just can't help myself.

this couple is AWESOME.
they had so many dang cute ideas and the were terrific to work with.
they totally had the look and personality to pull off these photos!

a big , HUGE thanks to Staheli Farm, for making this happen and being so accommodating to us! they were amazing!!!

LOVE the cows.
LOVE the horses.
LOVE the wheat field.

check out the shoes!!!!!!

i love this photo so much.
i feel like i've never been able to really capture REAL happiness between 2 people,
because, well, I'm there with my camera, IN THEIR FACES.
but these two  could sort of act like I wasn't even there!
they must be so in love!!

do you love this??
again- their idea!!

k, this flower right here made my whole night.
this flower is totally for real vintage (well the thing in the middle is)
it was her grandma's!

this fella decided to make a little appearance in the middle of our shoot.
he kept hopping off her hand, and i would scream everytime.
good times.
but it was worth it! 
i love this- who gets a photo of their wedding ring with a real live frog next to it?!

and then of course, if you kiss a toad..
or frog..

he turns into a prince, of course!

i know this photo isn't crystal clear, and that makes me sad
i still LOVE IT!

what a wonderful photoshoot!! I couldn't have asked for more PERSONALITY & FUN!
thanks guys & congrats!


my dear wonderful friends, family & fans,
thank you thank you
so much
for your SO SWEET comments.
they means SO MUCH to me.
: )


[clandestine images] said...

AHHH!!!! I'm in LOVE with your frog prince concept!!! too freaking cute. you do fabulous work my dear!

anna said...

oh em goshers! how CUTE!!!! i kept thinking "that ones my fave" and then "nope that one is!"
love them.

Anonymous said...

I think these are so adorable! I love all of the different ideas. My favorite pictures have to be the one where they're laughing and he's sticking the key in her heart and of course the one where shes going to kiss the frog. I bet this was so fun to shoot!

Anonymous said...

I love everything you did! What awesome ideas and so different too! I LOVE the field and the horse buggy. Wow. Those are AMAZING! YOU ARE AMAZING! The time of day is perfect too. The sun setting... making everything golden. :)

The Terry's said...

way cute! love the location! i love the suitcases!

Staci said...

AAAAAAMAAAZZZING! I love these...you serioiusly make me jealous and want to redo my wedding pics. The key and heart, the frog kiss....soooo cute.

Unknown said...

Not only are the bride and groom a very cute couple, but your pictures are well composed and tons of fun to look at. Good work!

Unknown said...

IT DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS!!! You are so darn good...It is a killer!

Stephanie Kelly said...

It's OFFICAL... this is my fav. wedding you've done!!! PERFECT my love... perfect!

Alecia said...

gosh THANKS guys!!! you are all so great to me!! i really can't take credit for this couple's awesomeness. they were fabulous!

Unknown said...

Talking about these on my blog! So amazing!

highheeledlife said...

Alecia - I just saw the post on "Le Chateau des fleurs", Frenchy displayed some of your pictures. Although I live in Canada, I just had to pop over and saw how beautiful they are. You are most talented and creative... much success to you!!!