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Saturday, December 5

I'm Dying

And this is what has kept me up til midnight!

I have been beating myself up for awhile now because I am the only photographer I know that doesn't have photoshop. Sorry if I just burst anyones bubble right there, but it's the truth!
I do know I NEED photoshop. Believe me, I know.
I do have elements, which I use occasionally.
But, until I can rake up $900 or I get a really rich uncle in the near future, my current ways of editing will have to suffice.
And really, I think the picture above isn't half bad, eh?
So take that, you ridiculously overpriced photoshop!
But it could be of course that the bride is insanely gorgeous!!
More to come! I am so excited!


Staci said...

HOLY CRAP she is AMAZING!!!! Those eyes are beautiful! You did an amazing job i cant wait to see the rest. Seriously no one even noticed if you had photoshop or not...your editing is off the hook..photoshop or not you are talented and make it work. I see better editing from you then photographers who have been doing this for ages. You are truly talented and have an eye for beauty. Good job!

Miken said...

I need to see more... NOW! Please post more asap! Big fan!

Greg and Mel said...

You are awesome at editing and you don't have photoshop, THAT right there is amazing Alecia!!! Keep up the good work! Remember the saying "Don't fix what's not broke" ha ha Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

great work lady!!! i love the light sephia tone on these!! and i'm super impressed that your post production work is so light! photoshop is my crutch... sadly....