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Thursday, December 3

{D} Family

These are our really good friends & now our neighbors! Their little guy and my little guy are BEST FRIENDS.
I've tried to snap a few here and there of little D, when he's over playing at our house. I was actually surprised at how good he was for that! D is going to be a big brother any day now!
We are so excited for them!!
They are kind of in a weird order, sorry! But at least NOW they are all FINALLY finished! Sorry it took so long! Enjoy!

As you can see, D doesn't go ANYWHERE without his lion (aka doggy) I think it is adorable. I love when kids have their own signature item. CUTE.


thekimbo said...

Thanks :) They are great! And they are Dax to a T!!

Staci said...

awe miles' twin..they were born on the same day! These are fabulous!