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Friday, March 18

Flower Photo GIVEAWAY!

Okay, so I've been receiving lots of sweet comments on my spring blossom photos! those comments seriously make my day! well...i know i've been absent on this blog for far too long, and i'm sorry. 

SO...i've decided to see who's still here.

I'm doing a give-a-way! Because I love Spring, photography & you, I am giving away THREE 8x10s of YOUR favorite photo on this post. yes, so that means THREE of you will win!  

what you need to do to enter:

-tell me your favorite thing about Springtime!
(and also tell me which photo is your fave!)

you must leave the comment on this blog...not facebook. I know that's hard because facebook is much more easy and convenient. 

-i will draw THREE winners on March 31st!







              K GO!


Nicole said...

Oh Alecia I love when you do these!

Ok, my favorite thing of Spring is the RAIN. I love it so much, and I love driving in it especially. It's so nice, and I love the freshness; the smell, the glistening drops, the sound. My soul heals when it rains.

(and my favorite picture is 5.)

Christina Linda said...

My most favorite thing about spring is the weather. If only it stayed this way all year. Also I love spring cause of all the picnic's and flower picking, plus another is watching your kids run outside with not a care in the world. They're happy smiling faces. Its priceless!
My favorite photo is #2

Mary said...

My favorite thing about Spring is all of the budding flowers! My favorite picture is number 5!


Unknown said...

My favorite thing about spring is the feeling of newness it brings, everything is fresh and starting to grow after sitting dormant all winter. I esp love the flowers, and my favorite pic is number 4 (although 1 is very close second).

Liz said...

My favorite thing about Spring definatley has to be the weather. Especially during the mornings. I love waking up to a cool breeze with all the birds on the pretty blooming trees :)

my favorite picture is number 5

chidrock said...

My favorite thing about spring is being able to let my daughter play outside after a long winter. We both love it.

My favorite photo is number 5

alena rose said...

My favorite thing about spring is how everything starts to come to life. The grass gets greener, the flowers start to bloom, and the trees get their leaves! My fav pic is number 5 (although number 1 is a close second!)

Ashley said...

I love #1, but I love all your pictures!

Kate Loveless said...

I think I'm gonna have to pick number 5. I love all of them though dangit! But the spring rain reminds me of one of my favorite childrens songs that says "i want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain, i want to be the best i can and live with God again." and that is my favorite thing. pure and beautiful, full of promises of new life.

Marlon and Suzana said...

My favorite thing about Spring is all the flowers and trees that begin to bloom (Popcorn Popping!).

My fave is #1 but #4 is a close second

If I win I'll pay the shipping ;)

Lyv said...

The thing I love most about Spring is that it is no longer Winter. Things start warming up and coming back to life! Spring is exciting.

I love number 1.

Leah and Alan Albright said...

Do I really have to pick my favorite? I have soo many things I love, but the one I love the most is being able to go outside and this spring I plan on teaching "X" to ride a tricycle. Number 5 is my favorite. Rain gets me excited about spring!

Anonymous said...

I love picture number 4. My favorite thing about Spring is that it gives me an opportunity to take awesome macro photos. It's a sign of rebirth and after a long dead winter.. My eyes just can't help but to soak up all of the beauty God has blessed us with.

Niki Burt Michael said...

I love the freshness of spring. The crisp air is my favorite. I love to open my windows and refresh my house from the winter weather. I also love the rain storms and the thunder!! My favorite picture is...1 and 5... I can't decide!