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Tuesday, March 30

S&J [are engaged!]

I am SO stoked  to be finally showing these! Wahoo!

This is what happens when you let me choose location! I love grungy places, so I found probably one of the grungiest place that exists in St. George. Plus , I 've really been wanting to try the laundromat idea!

I just needed me a young , fun couple & look, I found one!!
It was also fun to be able to use the beautiful blossoming trees (they only last about 2-3 weeks in St.G)
The last photos were taken in S's parents backyard! She had a KICK A hawaiian tiki hut thing. it was AMAZING! the light was fantastic! How fun!! (This is where their wedding will be & I'm so excited for it!)

Thanks S&J for letting me try my crazy ideas on you!

And of course, I can't ever choose faves.. SO here are TONS!!

1 comment:

The Terry's said...

lol i went to high school with that kid. wow seems like everyone is getting married. they look great!