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Friday, January 1


SO I am FINALLY finished with this wedding that happened all the way back on November 21st! AHH! I'm usually not this slooow, but the holidays & the craziness have made things a little different around here!
Dear M & K, so sorry this took so long. please forgive.
Here are a BUNCH! (but not all of them, don't worry!) Hope you enjoy these!

some of my favorites are these crazy, sunny out of focus shots. We were dealing with SO MUCH SUN that day, it was pretty hard to work with. But I'm glad we tried it anyway, these are kind of cool to me!

I loved how the brides Dad was taking almost as many photos as I was. It was cute. :)

I loved this place where they got married! It was so beautiful inside!

this bride is seriously one of the sweetest people I've ever met. She is SO NICE to everyone. And SO patient too!

they were so cute about the cake. they had no idea what to do! I remember that! It seems too pretty to cut.

They were so nice about feeding it to eachother. He even wiped her face with a napkin!

CUTE! Congratulations M & K! Stay happy forever!


Greg and Mel said...

those are gorgeous!! The sunny shots remind me of those perfume commercials! SO PRETTY!!! Great job!!

Staci said...

oh my gosh you are unbelievable! I can't believe these they are awesome. I'm of course in love w/ the sun glare pics and her bouquet is so awesome. Amazing!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Gorgeous pictures!
Just came across your blog...Great job!