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Friday, July 3

I apologize

I apologize for the many changes I make ALL THE TIME. Please forgive. The business-y aspect of this all has been a challenge for me. I mostly like taking pictures. Not dealing with the ever so complicated business part of it all. BUT I have to. SOOOO...
Here's the new deal that I feel most comfortable with:
1 hour- $45
2 hours- $75
Family & Friends get 25% off.
I do a senior package for $90. It includes:
2 hours session time, 8 4x5 pictures, & a senior folio (to put your 4x5s in)
I DO offer printing. I have a seperate website for that. Read my "Viewing & Printing" link on my sidebar to get all the dirty details.
I DO make CD's still. Only upon request. They are $20. If you choose to own the images & print elsewhere, this is the way you'd wanna do it. But, I recommend printing through me. I have sweeeet deals. And excellent quality.
If you have any questions, of course I'll be happy to answer them. A big thanks to all the awesome & cute people I've been working with lately! Smiles.
Have a great holiday!

1 comment:

The Busey Family said...

You are awesome. I still want you to take some picture of my family when we come back to Utah maybe in December, but if not then I want to do a surprise for Ben while he is at AF training and send him so way cute pictures of Braeden and I! Do you think that would be a good surprise? You are doing well with all of this stuff Alecia! Good job and keep it up!!