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Thursday, June 4


Ok, so here's the dealio...

I have had some people ask about printing. If I print the pictures for them. The answer was no. I made CDs, and from there you found your own printing. Which some people like, and some people dislike. Lots of people print through wal-mart, and that is ok, except I HATE WALMART. Bad quality. So, if you can help it, don't print through Wal-mart. But this was the dilemma I was getting myself into: Say you take your photo CD into Wal-mart and they tell you that you can't print because of copy-right. Well, if I could be there with you, I would just tell them that I am the photographer and it's totally fine and dandy with me that you print there. Well, it's not that easy.


Here's what I'm going to do about this.

After your session, I am gonna go home and edit like a mad woman.

I will then quickly post some sneak peek pics on my blog to hold you over and get you super excited!

Then, I will set up an on-line gallery with all your edited pictures on it. I will send you an e-mail with a link telling you exactly how to get to your pictures (I want to make this is easy as possible for you!)

You can view all your pictures there, and you can PRINT from there too! Yes! Just click on the photo(s) you want, choose a size (5x7, 8x10, etc.), type in your address & order info, and SHABAM! You've got your pictures ordered! Now, it will charge you shipping and handling which is around $3.50 for 5-10 days. Not bad, really.

I am using Mpix Labs to do this, and it is a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTING service. Prices are low and quality is awesome. I will post the prices on my side-bar.

So, there! From now on, this is how I want to do it.

I will still give you a CD for personal use.

Hopefully, it should make things more simple for y'all!

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