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Thursday, April 9

waiting for Daddy

Jaxon & I
sit by the window
& wait
& wait
& wait
for Andrew to come home.

i love this photo. it's so wrong. it's way too exposed and my white balance is totally off. but i love it anyway. i don't know why.

love this. this is what my new lens is capable of doing. this is what happens when i focus on something with my lowest aperture. That's Jaxon & a fire hydrant in the background. awesome!


Staci said...

Oh i love the pics of him looking at the window! I guess I know nothing about photography but I loved them...I liked the pics of his hands and that last pic is awesome! I sorta like the blurry candid shots.

Anonymous said...

I love the ones on the steps! So cute. What kind of lens did you get? I want one soooo bad! It makes such a difference! I did figure out how to make my pics bigger. Thanks so much! I love it much better. I also love the frames but I can't figure out how to have frames on my photos and not on my header. Ugh. I hate computers stuff!