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Tuesday, June 1

Cute B Family!

I love this family!
Juanita here is another fellow photographer, and she has been helping me with my new blog look.
She is so nice!
If you haven't yet, check her out here

She had the coolest locations picked out for us.
(I LOVE new locations!)
 AND the cutest outfits for her family!
I can't wait for when she does our family pictures this fall!!

As always , here are a bazillion photos of this cute little family!

Oh. I think I am going to start only accepting small families for now.
Like 4 people and under.
Once I take a class and get more comfortable with larger families, I'll do that again!


Staci said...

WHAT A DOLL! I love that lil girl..sweet lil family. These are amazing once again. I love that lil red bench too.

Juanita said...

Aww, LOVE THEM!! Glad you put a few in of her being a sassy! :) YOu are so sweet to keep linking to me and I was glad I could help with your blog. I'm sure your Jax will be easier to photograph in the Fall compared to my missy. Haha!

Brinlee said...

GORGEOUS family! Gorgeous photos! I love these!

Anonymous said...

AH! These are soooo good ! I love the green field and the red bench. You are getting ridiculously AWESOME!

I think you can do big families... what are you talking about? You can do anything.