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Monday, May 17

Jen's Bridals

I know I always put too many pictures..maybe it's a problem.
but i just can't help myself.

 I love this girl!
She is so funny, and so skinny, and her dress rocks.
She also knows how to pose perfectly. It's like she's secretly a model!

Hope you like them, Jen.


Stephanie Kelly said...

I love her freckles! And the dog pictures. Once again WONDERFUL!

anna said...

haha. you crack me up. i love how you describe her: "She is so funny, and so skinny..." haha.

but its true. great pics!

Anonymous said...

They are so beautiful. I have so many favorites. I think some of the best ones (in my opinion) is the ones with her in her shoes with the doggies.. the one with her holding onto the gate and the last black and white one closest to the bottom. :)

Staci said...

where did you take these..what a beautiful place. I love her freckles too. The dogs are too sweet.

Anonymous said...

Beeeutiful! I love all the sun flare! You di such an amazing job!

Juanita said...

Love all those flowers and the sun peeking through (I'm a sucker for sun flare and lots of color!) and that house is definitly a cool one. Great job!