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Saturday, May 15

Cutest family ever!

Ok, last night was a BLAST!

I am so happy I got the chance meet and shoot(with my camera!) this adorable family!

Their little girl is SOOOOO stinkin' cute. The Daddy is SUCH a sport & so sweet, and the Momma is also a Photographer & SO COOL! Her & I have been e-mailing back and forth helping eachother out with photography stuff. It's been SO NICE. She was also so sweet to refer me to do someone's wedding she couldn't do. seriously- how nice is that?? I am so glad we get to be photo buds :)

Check her out ::here::

here is the smallest sneak peek!
i LOVE this photo. i am in love with sun glare & this sweet little girls face!

I am like completely buried in photography this month!
I am SOO busy!
So- if you've tried to contact me , & i've been a little slow, SORRY!
I am not the most organized person, but slowly I am learning!


Staci said...

freakin A...i LOVE these! Ok you know you're taking our family picture this fall so be ready! I love love love these..what a cute family.

anna said...

what a cute family! that little girl is a-dorable!!!!

The Terry's said...

lol cute, i had no clue you knew her i used to work with her at ace hardware when i was 18. crazy!

Anonymous said...

I love the color red against the green. These look fabulous. Such a cute little family.

Juanita said...

O!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Thanks so much!! I was working on a text to say thanks and thought I'd check at the same time. . . so excited!! Thanks for a fun time and getting these!! I'm spreading the word!! :)

MelissaZeck said...

These are truly beautiful Juanita! <3 Melissa

Greg and Mel said...

That's Juanita!! I went to middle and high school with her :) I heard she started her photography business, I'll have to go check her out! CUTE CUTE pics alecia...you are amazing!