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Thursday, April 15


Ok, this cute family got sealed like 3 weeks ago & I'm JUST NOW getting a few photos up!
Sorry Sam & Kam! You know I love you!
(you are my number 1 follower!)

I loved this one of Mr. Gun. My son is this age  & I know how hard it is to get them to hold still!
He is so cute!

Aaaaaand. photos of.their beautiful reception are coming soon.

More to come, soon!
I promise!


Anonymous said...

Aweee! My cute little nephew Gunner looks so handsome in a suit. He's going to be a ladies man ha ha. Love these. Beautiful wedding Sam.

The Terry's said...

lol leesh love it so far! now im excited! can't wait i will tell my mother in law to get on and take a look.