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Sunday, April 11

Chubby Baby B!

This is my good friends CUTE baby boy! I got to babysit him on Friday & I couldn't NOT take pics of the cutie! I also did his newborn pictures & CAN'T believe how much he has grown in 5 months!

Here he is as a newborn!

And here he is at almost 6 months! (can you tell my photoshop skills got better!?)

He is SOOOOOOOO cute! ah, I wanna steal him!
His eyes are AMAZING! He sure is gonna be a heartbreaker.

then my jax had to join in on the fun of course....CUTE kids!


Unknown said...

Oh he is so cute!!! I want one please...To go :) Beautiful pictures. His eyes are so amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love the 3rd one down!

Staci said...

i love him...i love his bright blue eyes, chubby cheeks, butt chin...what a sweet lil man. Good job!

The Terry's said...

lol alecia there so dang cute! i love how blue his eyes are!