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Sunday, January 17

baby {t}

this is my sweet cousin, Tova. She is the 9TH child in  her family!  yeah , 9 kids....my aunt is AMAZING! & she does them ALL NATURAL! crazy, crazy.

Anyway, little miss Tova is kind of a celebrity. She was born January 3rd, and was the FIRST BABY of the new year in Sevier County! Yeah, she even made it to the newspaper. She gots tons of gifts and her picture taken! I thought that was pretty darn cool.

Here she is at 8 days. She was a CHAMP! We tried this the day before, late in the afternoon at my uncles house. We had BAD light, and she WAS NOT going to sleep. She pooped and peed and threw up again and again. I felt so discouraged. I thought about writing off newborns altogether. Luckily, we were able to try it again the next day. We started at 11am this time. The window light was amazing. I learned a few things about newborns that day:

2nd- THE TEMPERATURE MUST BE VERY TOASTY. We jacked that heat up to like 85. I put shorts and a t-shirt on. She was so warm and comfy, and that's what I think got her into a deep, deep WONDERFUL sleep. She was zonked out for a few hours.
3rd: If they're acting stinky at first, keep trying and trying and trying. Pretty soon, they'll get so sick of you moving them around and messing with them, that they'll stop fighting it and fall asleep.

Hopefully these little tips I discovered will work for me again with my next newborn TOMORROW!

And enough with the jabber. Like you care anyway!

Here's what you really came here to see....


Niki Michael said...

Alecia, these ones have out done all your others I think. They are so amazing!! I love your backdrops, where did you get them?? and you are amazing with natural light, mine never look that good! So my question the other day was if you would be willing to come out and take pictures of my labor. I saw you did it with one of your friends and I want some like that! I would take them myself but I think that might be a little difficult lol. anyway, i have a while to plan it out so we can talk about it whenever. just thought i would ask:) Great job, you Rock!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! SHe really was asleep for hours! You got every pose and prop in the book! They turned out so great... I love the backgrounds and the lighting. Good thing you did them again. Great job alecia!

. said...

Alecia! These are ADORABLE :) i will definitely be calling you when I have my first child (which won't be for awhile!) Also, I absolutely love the pictures you did for the Ence family! So cute!

My family/friends could NOT stop talking about my bridals at the wedding. They were a HIT :)