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Wednesday, January 13

Baby K at 3 weeks

Remember that cute little guy I photographed at birth? Well, here he is again! Since he was born 6 weeks early, he had to stay in the NICU for awhile. Because of that, we missed the ideal time for newborn pictures. I really see why they say 10 days and under. This little guy was 3 weeks. We thought it would be ok, but baby K wasn't having it. The older they are, the more alert, squirmy & less sleepy they are. It is best to do newborn photos when the baby is zonked out into a nice sleep. They seem to do this best within the first 10 days of life.

We got a few shots, but that's all! His Mom & I (but mostly his Mom) make reeeally fun & cute hats, and cocoons. We HAD to try them out!

and that's what we did. we TRIED.
but at least we can look forward to getting lots of dang cute 6 months pics!! (That's the next best time to photograph babies)

moral of this story is:
If you choose to wait until after that, your photos will not be near as good. If you are ok with that, well then, that's fine! but, you have been warned!

Here are a few of the Mister K

I'm pretty sure this is when he pooped a little in the cocoon! haha!

I loved this precious moment with grandpa. so sweet.


The Terry's said...

i love them there so cute! and the one of this bishop is cute!

Stephanie Kelly said...

You freakin rock!!! I cant wait for you to do lil' Lucy's baby pics!!! And then, I cant wait for you to do my baby (when I have one), and all my family pictures till the end of time!!!

Chiemi said...

Whoa! I think that's my Bishop! Cute little baby. I am looking at all your pictures. You are SUCH an amazing photographer Alecia!