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Saturday, November 7

Ah, just a couple of kids in love

These two people right here are the reason that there is even and Andy-man in my life.
Yes, that would make them my mom&dad in-law.
I know they will be so very thrilled to see themselves on here after acting so silly about their age and wrinkles and yada yada yada. But please, did they really think I WOULDN'T put them on here? No, I'm not that nice!
I think they look good though.
I loved this location too. I chose a few fun ones, and semi-obeyed their wishes by not posting even more.
Hope ya guys like 'em! Love ya!

I just had to put this on here because it's hilarious. I realize it's not in focus.
Jaxon DID NOT understand how on Earth his Baga's could possibly ever NOT WANT him right then.
How could Mom and Dad be so rude to make him stay away from them? We're just awful.
SO SO SO SO funny.


Adventures of Lyv, Tab, and Shay said...

I can't believe how mean you are. Anyone can see that his heart is completely shattered! Mother

Adventures of Lyv, Tab, and Shay said...

I don't know how that happened. I love love love this blog stuff.