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Wednesday, September 2

eye color

I've always most enjoyed photographing blue-eyed people. They have the coolest eyes in photos. (No offense, brown eyes. Mine aren't blue either!) Up until reading this lovely post from the pioneer woman (I owe a lot to her), I was strictly blue-eyed junkie. I even almost considered turning away brown eyed people! Jk, that would be awful. But I was obsessed! Well, that AWESOME pioneer woman taught me a little somethin. Even with the darkest of brown eyes, (and all strange colors in between. Scroll down to see my son's) you can achieve that magical, sparkly, glossy eyed look! ALL IN CAMERA! (No editing!) It's just a simple matter of light. Isn't that basically what photography is ALWAYS about?!
I've never been too excited about Jaxon's eye color till now......

Ok, yes I DID edit a little. Cause I love drama. I also love black/white!

Yay for all eyes! Bring it on!

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