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Tuesday, February 3


So thanks to a real-live photographer that was so very kind enough to give me some tips, I was able to figure out how to make these pictures big! And they look SOOOO much better that way-huh? Well, I had so much fun doing this today. I can't remember when I've had more. ENJOY...

wedding 247

wedding 160

wedding 167

wedding 176

wedding 192

wedding 198

wedding 199

wedding 202

wedding 206

wedding 208

wedding 214

wedding 218

wedding 220

wedding 225

wedding 228

wedding 233







Anonymous said...

Those look so great! You are just getting better and better. It pays off to take TONS of pictures... which I don't do :( So, what is the secret to huge pictures that look so clear and great? I need in on this :)

Greg and Mel said...

They are so good! I need to to take some more pics of my kids in cute areas!! I love that you have flightless bird as the song on here :)