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Thursday, September 7


HOLY COW! I'm trying to come back and change the blog a little bit and I forgot how to do EVERYTHING (blog related)....looking through the blog, I felt both happy and sad and a little bit embarrassed about how not very good I was at photography....yeah....so, here I am (again) & this time I like to believe my photos are a little (or quite a bit) better than what you see on here... Don't go look at them! Just look at the new stuff I'm posting. I debated on whether to just start a new blog altogether, but turns out, THAT was even more difficult than just trying to freshen up this one! So bear with me as I dust off the box in my brain labeled 'blogger' & please stick around to see some of the new stuff I'll be posting! Thanks ya'll for your support! It feels good and slightly overwhelming and intimidating to be back in the game.

I've been doing sessions here and there for awhile (I've been doing okay-ish at putting those on my facebook page....I'll post some of those! As always, you can contact me if you'd like to book a session with me :)

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