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Tuesday, November 15

S family!

I was soooo nervous when this family e-mailed me and said they had NINE kids! 
I haven't done very many large families, so I was scared to death!
This family was so cute! The kids were so sweet and cooperative.
They did what i asked them to do!
We had so much fun.

I am also very grateful that my wonderful assistant , Staci was there to help me.
I couldn't have done this without her. thanks, staci! :)

(once again, the pictures look better on my facebook page)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this location! The first picture is amazing!!!!! You did such a fantastic job Alecia!

Ok... So how does this make sense? Skinny... Young... Nine kids? She is amazing!

Nicole said...

These are so great Alecia. I love them. Especially the ones at the tunnel. Very Clever ma'friend. Brilliant as always.

kenna said...

this is amazing. i could NEVER do that many peeps in a session.