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Monday, May 16

Silly Brothers

These cute brothers have some of the funniest personalities!
I have been photographing them for 2 years now!
Its so fun to watch them grow.


Staci said...

oh my gosh i love these...i love the tough guy and his dirty knees...pure cuteness

anna said...

two of my favorite little guys ever!
these are awesome photos alecia!

Anonymous said...

haha sooooo cute ! I LOVE the ones with him on the red chair and the helmet and glasses. These are AMAZING!

Thank you so much for your kind words...and helping me find the solution to my problem! That is very much a possibility. It makes total sense. I was also thinking it had to do with flickr. I don't upload from there anymore very often but I did with that post. Who knows ?!


These are SOOO cute!!! What cute boys!!