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Thursday, March 31


Today is the day I announce the winners of the 8x10 blossom photos!
Thanks to all who entered! It was fun to read what your favorite thing about spring is.

Ok, I asked my husband to choose 3 numbers out of 14.
he chose these numbers randomly:  9, 12, 3

(I don't know why this is looking so weird when i publish it! I've tried three times to fix it and it WON'T! urrggghhh)

         Kate Loveless said...
I think I'm gonna have to pick number 5. I love all of them though dangit! But the spring rain reminds me of one of my favorite childrens songs that says "i want my life to be as clean as earth right after rain, i want to be the best i can and live with God again." and that is my favorite thing. pure and beautiful, full of promises of new life.     #12 Leah Albright said... Do I really have to pick my favorite? I have soo many things I love, but the one I love the most is being able to go outside and this spring I plan on teaching "X" to ride a tricycle. Number 5 is my favorite. Rain gets me excited about spring!     #3   Mary said... My favorite thing about Spring is all of the budding flowers! My favorite picture is number 5!  CONGRATS WINNERS!! i will be contacting you for addresses :) thanks for playing!!  

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