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Tuesday, January 25

K, B & W

OH goodness this was a fun shoot! these little stinkies didn't love me. K is my good friend and these are her cute babies. i love the matching shirts, so cute!

also- i've been experimenting here and there with flash. i'm not in love with it, but sometimes i like what it can do for me. i still love the natural light look of course, i think i always will because that's how i learned. can you tell which ones i used flash and which ones i didn't? you fellow photog's will be able to tell.

not happy kids. but cute & hilarious. love it.

B just turned 1, ok well waaaay back in October. we attempted( and you'll see why i say "attempted",) some 1 year old shots, buuut as you can see, Mr B wasn't having it! I never knew being 1 was so hard!

Maybe i'm crazy, but i always love the crying shots!



I love the crying shots too! I love that cute 1 year old hat!!! What a cutie! So fun!

anna said...

hey, my kim friend made that hat! i helped her pick out the fabric. ;)

anyway, great shots! and i know what you mean about flash. i'm all about the natural light. while flash helps fill in and eliminate unwanted ickies in the photos, i'd much rather shoot with natural light.

Shaylah said...

Great work as always. I keep meaning to hop on your blog and congratulate you (I always read them through google reader) and now I can't remember if I ever did. So if not, congrats! I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

I just love these

Unknown said...

K is so beautiful and she just had a baby !!! WOW
Love the pictures ! they are so stinky cute ! I even love the pictures with the balloons and hat when he is crying :)