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Sunday, December 12

{f} family!

check out how CUTE and skinny this preggo momma is!
and her little girl, She's the cutest thing EVER!
congrats on baby #2,{ F} Fam!


Anonymous said...

Ever photo is picture perfect. Crisp and colorful.

Juanita said...

What a beautiful family!! Love the color combo (I'm biased cause they're my 2 fav colors!!) and Geez! I would LOVE to be that skinny on baby #2!!!
Great work Alecia!!

The Terry's said...

pretty, i love how cute her belly is! i wish with my 2nd my belly looked that good. congrats to the F family!

Anonymous said...

Are you SERIOUS? No jealousy... I am always thinking that of you! You just keep getting so good I can't keep up :) How is it going now that your preggers? Is it taking a back burner or are you still going strong? That would be hard!

I don't use flash ever unless I am using my camera in the dark replacing my point and shoot. What about you?