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Thursday, September 16

Miss L.

Here are the rest of the BEAUTIFUL little girl I photographed last week!!!
She makes me NEEEEEEED a girl!

I love her eyes!

In other news, I am coming to Richfield September 24-29.
PLEASE contact me if you need any photos :)


Unknown said...

Oh Amazing!

Staci said...

where do you find such beautiful babies.

The Terry's said...

so cute! i love the one where she is making the shhh with her finger.

Janell R. Cropper said...

These pictures make me NEEEEEED you to take pictures of my little girl! Seriously. And I was just going to ask you if you would be in St. George on the 25th, since I'll be there, and of course you're going to be in Richfield. :P