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Tuesday, July 13

Old Wagon & My Jax

I know its been FOREVER since I've posted anything on this blog.
Truth is, summer is slooooow.
But I have some fun stuff scheduled soon. :)

My friend's friend let me borrow this wagon for awhile.
I HAD to use it for my Jax.

Jax is getting better and better when it comes to me taking his pics!
That's my boy!

Jaxon loves this witch..she is the one that forces him to eat and sleep.
I couldn't NOT get pics with her!
So funny!


Anonymous said...

So.. I think you have the most handsome/cutest/sweetest little boy I've EVER seen.

Staci said...

he is so adorable! I wish Miles could be more photogenic. I love the witch pics so it's true he isn't afraid anymore. Love these...love the blue in all the pics too. You are a photo taking genius!

thekimbo said...

Aren't you glad to have such adorable pictures of Jax? That way when he is naughty, you can look at them and remember, he is cute sometimes!