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Monday, July 26

Dog Days of Summer.

This post is for my Dad.
He always wants me to do a photoshoot with his boy, Zeus.
But the dang dog is usually too hyper and dirty to do anything with.
Not this time.
I think he was SO HOT, he couldn't do much of anything.
He just chilled under the trampoline as I got super close to him and took pictures.
If he could always be like this, maybe JUST maybe, I'd consider switching over to being a dog person!

Isn't this dog cute?
Enjoy, Dad.


Anonymous said...

Can I keep him?! So fluffy and cute!

The Terry's said...

haha i remember a blog post from not to long ago about you how you didn't get it about why people are doing photo shoots for their dogs. lol i see you broke down and did it.

Aymee said...

I love these! I love the way you cropped them and your angles! Fabulous.