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Sunday, May 23

This Weekend.

this weekend, I got to meet (& shoot) my online photog bud! We've talked online for like a year and a half! And now we finally met!
She is the one who inspired me to start the 365 challenge.
She is awesome, and I wanna be just like her!
I also got to meet her family and her ADORABLE , SWEET little guy.
he's such a cutie!

and here's Mr. Dax
my good friends son, who happens to by my son's best buddy.
we had a blast-can you tell?

more coming!

hey, what do ya think of my blog's new look?
i love it!
my photog friend Juanita has been SO AWESOME & helped me out SO MUCH with it!
it's been a pain in the butt, and i still have more work to do with it,
but so far, I love it!


Staci said...

I LOVVVVE the new blog look..so professional! That pic of dax is freakin the cutest. You are amazing.

Marlon and Suzana said...

Love the new header...who's that gorgeous family ;) Lol! I wanted you to know that we haven't ordered a large print of our family pics yet cuz we're in the process of buying a house but when it goes through I'll go into decorating mode & order a big one! You're amazing & i always check your blog!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful.. Love the colors.

The Terry's said...

i love it!

Cierra::The Yellow House said...

It was so fun to finally meet you! I love the new look by the way. . .

Juanita said...

I'm glad it all got put together for you! Glad I could help!