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Tuesday, May 4

Tanisha's senior pictures

i LOVE seniors.
i mean
i LOVE , LOVE , LOVE, LOVE seniors!!!

It doesn't even feel like a job photographing them.
We have so much fun together.
I love meeting such fun, pretty people and getting to know them!

Tanisha had ideas and an attitude of her own & i loved it!
and oh, check out her eyes! i did NOT make them bluer. I did enhance them a bit, but they really are bright blue like that. I knew right away that I'd have fun with her eyes in photoshop!

Here are more than a few of my faves!

Thanks, Tanisha for letting me do all the crazy things that popped into my head!
 we sure did have fun!


Anonymous said...

I have 3 favorites..
1. Where she's leaning against the palm tree.
2. Her shoes.
3. The one with the purple flower background.
Great pictures!

Staci said...

i like this girl...i dont know her but she seems cool.

The Terry's said...

lol, alecia there awesome! i love her shoes there in like every picture. reminds me of my friend jostlyn who only buys those.

Greg and Mel said...

so cute! I love that wall...its so awesome! You are amazing!!

Unknown said...

Those pictures are so amazing!!! I so love your style, kind of dreamy and mesmerizing!

Anonymous said...

I love your seniors! I am so jealous of your lens... do you love your new canon!?