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Sunday, April 25

Gorgeous Stephanie

This girl is so dang pretty! I  think she should be a model! And she's SOOO nice & fun too! We had such a blast going through her trunk full of clothes putting together the "perfect outfit". She won this session for FREE. See people, you WANT to enter my drawings...THIS is what you could win!

Here are a whooooole bunch of her! Enjoy
(they're in a weird jumbly order..i'm too lazy to fix it!)

I hope she doesn't get mad at me for posting these, but I just love them!
She is so fun! I told her to try and act like she's posing all sexy in front of the mirror- you know how EVERY girl does. (admit it, you've done it) She did a great job! love it!


KimM said...

She is gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

I love all of the ones with her in the polkadot dress. It looks wonderful on her and I love the surroundings.

The Terry's said...

they great alecia, i see that chair totally came in use. that's awesome. I'm glad it worked it for ya.

J.C Gentry said...

Wow! They did turn out great! I'd say you captured her personality. She is a sweet beautiful girl. Mom

Olga Goddard said...

Beautiful! I love it! Great job Alecia!

Dave and Natasha said...

Cute pictures! Ya, I think we do live in the same townhomes! Yes, I have a studio set up with lights and all the backgrounds I've done myself, hopefully more to come soon, I have some new ideas!