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Thursday, March 4

Senior Grad. Announcements!


They are probably my favorite. Each Senior is SO DIFFERENT and has a totally different attitude and presence. It's SO FUN for me to capture that.

I look forward to shooting more seniors this year!!! If you are a Senior, have a Senior, or know a Senior, [2010 or 2011], CALL ME NOW! My camera and I would love to meet them.

To see my last year Senior Sessions, click here

To see Senior Pricing, click here 

But for now, as promised, I am finally putting out what I've been working on:

design 1

design 2

design 3

design 4

design 5

design 6

design 7

design 8

design 9

design 10

design 11

Here's the deal with these:

They are $1 each & come with envelopes. [if your order from me]
Or , you can buy the CD for $20, and print on your own. [I really recommend ordering from me for TOP quality]

What you do:

-choose your design [they will be numbered] [if you have another design in mind, let me know]

-choose your photos [if I have taken them, they are numbered in your gallery] [if I have not taken them, then well , lets take 'em!] [if someone else has taken them, send me the CD with the photographers copyright]

-choose colors & text [if you want to change the colors you see to school colors or whatever, you can!] [you need to tell me EXACTLY what you want written on the announcement.]

-I will design your announcement, and before printing, I'll send it to you for you to approve.

-You will tell me how many you want to order, I will send you a price, and you can pay me by check.

-I will ship them to your house!


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