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Tuesday, January 26


Yesterday was a glorious day. The sun was shining and I FINALLY got to do baby L's newborn pictures! We had originally planned to do them last monday, but the weather was SO HORRIBLE, that there wasn't enough light indoors...SO we had to wait a full week later to do them. That made baby L almost 3 weeks old! I was so nervous for these. Usually when a baby is that old, pictures don't go so well.

BUT ..

She was awesome! She slept like a champ! Maybe it was because we had the heat up to 85, or maybe it was because her awesome Mom brought a blowdryer! Yes, a blowdryer. Apparently the sound is very soothing to babies, and she was right! It totally worked! It was SOOO great.

Here's is just one teeny tiny little sneak peek of sweet baby L.


Stephanie Kelly said...


Aymee said...

I can't wait either. I've been waiting the past two days for you to put up a preview to hold me over:) She is a doll. Great job! So jealous you aren't doing Piper's:).

Oh, and we got the Canon XSi. It's sweet, too bad I don't know how to use it, nor do I have the "photographer's eye" when it comes to photos. That's what practice is for...and loads of reading!

Staci said...

YAY OHHHHHH MYYY GOSHHH I'm in love! I cant wait to see the rest. I'm glad things went smooth and we were able to get it done quick. You are amazing!