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Monday, December 7

{L's} Bridals!

Here are tons more of the beautiful bride I got to photograph! She was such a natural at posing, so I think we got tons of great shots! We also had an AWESOME location- Sand Hollow Golf Course! Even though we all about froze our buns off, I think it was worth it!!!

The bride told me she likes kind of a vintage-y look, so for each picture, I did a normal color one, a vintage-y one, and a black/white.

I just chose my faves to put on here!



Miken said...

i love them all all ALL! i had to wait weeks to see my bridals when they were done. way to be up on your game! you are awesome!

Staci said...

ok seriously stop posting these! For one I'm jealous of your amazing photo skills and second im jealous of this beautiful bride. I love the 11th one the old looking one, and i love the close up of her against his chest.

Amy Hummel said...

Great pictures! I actually live in Sand Hollow Resort. Pretty sure I saw my house in the background of one of the pics! You're right. Great location!

Niki Burt Michael said...

Alecia, You just keep getting more amazing! These are beyond words, what a lucky bride to have such awesome pictures!!I love the vintage-y:) and all the great poses and ideas you did, great job!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it. No schooling, no photoshop... and you can just pick up your camera and do this. These are gorgeous... amazing... breathtaking. I am going to stop photographing now because I am ashamed that I am not good anymore :( just kidding... well about the ashamed part. You are so good. I love these. My favorite is the really distressed, faraway black and white one. How do you do that?