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Saturday, December 12

Beautiful {A} Family

Ok, so this family is just beautiful. There are no other words. Ok, beautiful AND photogenic. Ok, beautiful, photogenic AND extremely awesome in front of the camera. If I gave awards for most cooperative and easy to pose, they would get it! I COULD NOT believe how many great family photos we got! yay! Thanks, guys for making my job so easy & FUN!

Also- a BIG THANKS to them for being so patient in waiting for these pictures! YES, they are FINALLY done!! :)

Here are a few of my faves to Enjoy...

Meet Mr. D. He is absolutely gorgeous! I love his big brown eyes and amazing eyelashes. I LOVE his curly crazy hair. SOOOOO CUTE! One day, I hope to get a child that inherits my curl. I love curls on kids!

this might be my favorite of him. He is SOOOO CUTE. and funny. and expressive.

check out the lashes...

I loved the looks she would give me! She was like, "get outta my face already!"



1 comment:

Staci said...

A-MAZ-ING! You did SUCH a good job..I love the fall colors, I love the daddy/mommy pics w/ Donny. The last one is so precious...oh my gosh such a good job they are gonna love these!