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Wednesday, November 25

{K} Bridals

I have been too stinking DANG excited to do anything else but edit these pictures! They were so fun to take! We had a killer location, and a gorgeous bride who had her Mom, her sister & her fiance's friend there to help us! We were quite the team! Thanks to all of them for their help! Also, a shout out to poor K who survived the hours of FREEZING COLD! I'd say it was worth it though!

My fave might be the tunnel photos. I loved the light down there , and the textured walls. I also like how it's usually NOT a place you would find a bride. Cool stuff.

Some fun details:

And here's her awesome sister, who I seriously want to hire to come along with me on shoots. She is SO GOOD when it comes to posing and all the little details. She would fix her hair and her posture, turn her face, arrange her hands how I wanted. It really saved A LOT of time having her there!

I loved this! I don't think I had ever ridden on a golf cart before! It was pretty fun!

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